I’m currently in the process of writing an issue tracker plugin for FogBugz in C#.


When testing on our local repository, the plugin executes fine and returns the correct string (e.g. “BugzID: 81725”).


However, when I hit OK, I receive the “You haven’t entered an issue number” warning.


From a quick look through of the source yesterday (I can’t access it right now due to the tigris.org upgrades), it looks like the check for an issue number only takes Regex mode into account.


The properties I have set in my working copy are as follows:


bugtraq:label                 Case:

bugtraq:message           BugzID: %BUGID%

bugtraq:number             true

bugtraq:warnifnoissue    true


I only have the bugtraq:message property set so that my users that do not wish to use the fogbugz plugin still retain the issue number input area at the top.


Is this an issue that I can solve locally, or will it need work doing to the commit dialog (say adding a flag that gets set when an issue tracker plugin returns)?




David Henderson