>> Usually when I change something in TSVN or implement something new,
>> those who use the nightly builds will comment on it and help improve it.
>> I really appreciate all that feedback.
>> But for issue #31, there was none. Maybe because you're not using Win7
> I'm WinXP all over my PCs...
Same for me...

>> It's in the current nightly build from trunk, and in case you don't want
>> to switch to that because of the necessary wc upgrade, the last nightly
>> that was linked with 1.6.x also has this feature:
> Does this mean I can install any nighly from .../latest/ without having
> to upgrade the wc format? Because that's one thing I still want to avoid
> for some time.
I'm also hessitant to upgrade my wc:s. How are the new nightlies working? Should I wait a little longer or are the trunk-linked nightlies good enough to trust with my day-to-day work?