On 28 May 2010 14:11, David Aldrich <David.Aldrich@eu.nec.com> wrote:
Hi Michael

> I think the suffix part of the filename is what really matters, which
> indicates the version of the subversion libraries the release is linked
> to:
> full-1.6.x/TortoiseSVN- -> 1.6.12
> fill/TortoiseSVN- -> 1.7.0

Ah yes, I've got it now. Thanks

Yes. Also, it looks like /latest/win32/full-1.6.x was a one-off build on 15th May (for a particular purpose?). Stefan could probably shed more light on whether that was a good build, and whether we'll get any more updated nightlies against 1.6 before Q3/Q4 2010.