On 05/05/2011 4:01 PM, Stefan Küng wrote:

Something is not right here: that issue was fixed with 1.6.15 and was 
present in 1.6.14. Please make sure you don't confuse the versions.


I can confirm that I now have 64 bit installed, and I am not experiencing the problem.

I was experiencing the problem this morning, until I uninstalled the version I was using, which I have always kept religiously up-to-date with the suggestions that Tortoise pops up. I did check the version I had, and I believe that it was in fact Both my colleagues are running 1.6.14 as well, without the problem. I am the "guinea pig" at our operation. For more information, I am also running IVTortoise - this may (or may not) be an interaction problem.