Mike Dixon:
> On 3/28/2011 1:31 AM, Oleg B. wrote:
> > On my computer I have Delphi XE installed. On the another computer
> > without Delphi XE TortoiseSVN works fine. I tried to uninstall Delphi XE
> > and reinstall TortoiseSVN but it doesn't help.
> Delphi XE comes with a plugin for Subversion integration that runs on 
> top of svn command-line binaries - one of CollabNet's builds I believe. 
> My guess is that you're using a different version of TSVN than those 
> binaries, and that's breaking your working copies somehow.
> Delphi puts those binaries under your Delphi installation folder, in 
> bin\subversion. Maintaining them at the same version of svn as your 
> current TSVN install is left as an exercise to the reader...

The versions are same.
If the problem was in it, it would not work at all. Once out of ten succeeds. I don't know how catch or find the reason of error.