I’ve upgraded Tortoise on my PC from 1.6 to 1.7.
Unfortunately, 1.7 doesn’t work properly together with PowerBuilder.
When comparing with the checked in version, no differences are shown.
I’ve therefore tried to rollback to 1.6.
That was not so easy.
Removing 1.7 lead to error.
Repairing 1.6 didn’t help, so reinstallation was necessary.
Now it seems as I’ve problems with the file structure.
Tortoise 1.6 isn’t able to use the control files made by 1.7.
Anybody having any tips / ideas?
Will I have to do something like this?
  1. Checkout the Tortoise directories to a new directory on my PC
  2. Copy interesting files back, run diff and check in.
Christian Brudevoll