I am using Version 1.9.5 Build 27038. On executing the below command twice to copy SRC folder from trunk to my local Dev folder :-

TortoiseProc.exe /command:copy /path:https://example.com/svn/trunk/SRC /makeparents /url:https://example.com/svn/DEV/SID/SRC

In first run it's creating the required intermediate folders and coping the contents of SRC fine as expected.

But in second run it must give me a error that the folder already exists instead it created another folder named SRC in my SRC folder and copying the contents again thus creating duplicates.

If I run command third time, it gives error 'folder already exists' which it should have given in the second run itself.

I have made a Tool to automate some of the TSVN work and these duplicates are creating unnecessary confusion. Can I do something to avoid it? Is this a Setting issue or a bug? 

Thanks and Regards
Siddharth Goel
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