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TortoiseSVN suggestions

Author chris <cwarrensmith at gmail dot com>
Full name chris <cwarrensmith at gmail dot com>
Date 2009-01-07 22:50:07 PST
Message Hi,

Would it be possible to add an option to overwrite the repository
"bugtraq:warnifnoissue" property so that a warning prompt is always
displayed if OK is clicked without anything entered in the BugzID? It
would be really cool if the bugId could be validated against the real
bug tracking tool, perhaps with a select list.

Also, would it be possible to optionally not pre-check the commit
items when the dialog is shown. It would also be useful to be able to
turn off the filename tooltip as this seems to just get in the way
when reviewing which files I want to checkin.

These options could be just registry settings if you don't want to go
to the effort of implementing GUI settings.

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