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Re: bugtraq:url bug?

Author steveking
Full name Stefan Küng
Date 2009-01-08 10:37:12 PST
Message Simon Large wrote:
> 2009/1/8 Gillis, Paul <pgillis@insight-​tek.com>:
>> I am attempting to utilize bugtraq: properties to integrate subversion
>> version with an issue tracker and I believe I've encountered a bug.
>> If I set the bugtraq:url property and I view the log messages from my
>> working copy, the bug number is display as a hyperlink and I can open my bug
>> tracker to view it.
>> But if I view the log messages from the repository URL, the bug number in
>> the commit message is not displayed as a hyperlink. It is just plain text.
>> Is this a known bug? I doubt it's intended to work this way. Can anybody
>> else confirm this for me please?
> This is not a bug but an optimisation. In order to display the
> hyperlinks you need access to the bugtraq properties and such access
> can be very slow without a working copy. It requires a server
> round-trip for each property fetched, and each round trip can take
> several seconds.

Could you add this to the FAQ?


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