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Case Sensitivity issue

Author Propane13 <johnkharvey at gmail dot com>
Full name Propane13 <johnkharvey at gmail dot com>
Date 2009-01-21 12:12:34 PST
Message Hello!

I have never contributed anything back to the Open Source community,
so I am changing that by reporting an issue that I found with the
latest TortiseSVN version (TortoiseSVN-
svn-1.5.5.msi). I am a new user to TortoiseSVN; in fact, I started
using it 2 days ago. However, I have lots of experience in CM tools,
so using it was a breeze.

Anyway, I was downloading from a remote repository, and found an issue
(that I have gotten to the root cause of).
Basically, I would download code through a VPN connection and
TortoiseSVN. When trying to checkout a label from the server, I would
get a failure message during the checkout:
 - can't open file .svn/tmp/text-base/i​p6t_hl.h.svn-base

This was discouraging, especially since the tool bails out at this
point, and left 95% of the code on the server.

I did some painful work though, and downloaded sub-directories at a
time, thereby isolating directories that would fail, vs. ones that
would succeed. I did some research, and the 6 directories that would
not succeed had an obvious file issue-- there were 2 copies of the
same file (case sensitive, yet different) in the repository. Here's
an example of 2 files in the same directory:

Downloading 2 files of the same name and different case to a case-
insensitive environment causes the issue. What seems to happen is
that the Windows environment downloads one from the directory, and
then tries to download its counterpart-- however, at that point, it
already finds an instance of the same name (i.e. the first version
downloaded). The system seems to think it's already there, so it gets
confused, and aborts.

I have been told that a solution to this is to set up a Windows
partition that is case-sensitive. I can try this, but I wanted to
alert the TortiseSVN community about this, so that maybe they could
look into it. My worry is that it bailed out, which seemed to cost a
lot of time-- for this tool, I'd much rather have it prompt me in this
situation for what to do-- rename the file to ip6t_hl_1.h, or
something of that sort, and then ask if I'd like to continue. That
makes more sense at least to me.

Anyway, I thought I would share this with the community.


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