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Checkout Errors: 200 OK

Author APseudoUtopia <apseudoutopia at gmail dot com>
Full name APseudoUtopia <apseudoutopia at gmail dot com>
Date 2009-01-24 06:15:44 PST
Message Hey list.

I'm using TortoiseSVN v1.5.6 Build 14908 on Windows XP Professional (SP3).

I'm trying to checkout the source from a very large repository.
Specifically, the InspIRCd repo (http://svn.inspircd.org/).

When I do this, it checks out about 20-30 files, then stops with one
of the two following errors.

I get this error about 75% of the time:
REPORT of '/repository/!svn/vcc/default': 200 OK (http://svn.inspircd.org)

This error I get the rest of the time:
Invalid diff stream: insn 3343 cannot be decoded

Why am I getting these errors? I do not get them on linux when I use
svn to checkout the repository. Is there any way to solve both of
them? Or even just one?

Thank you for your time.

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Checkout Errors: 200 OK APseudoUtopia <apseudoutopia at gmail dot com> APseudoUtopia <apseudoutopia at gmail dot com> 2009-01-24 06:15:44 PST
     Re: Checkout Errors: 200 OK steveking Stefan K√ľng 2009-01-24 06:33:41 PST
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