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Re: Feature Request

Author Kurt Pruenner <leak at gmx dot at>
Full name Kurt Pruenner <leak at gmx dot at>
Date 2009-01-26 03:15:48 PST
Message Darin wrote:
> However currently Tortoise uses the normal file APIs and if the user
> is authorized to access the files being checked in, the files are
> decryped transparently as part of normal file i/o.

TortoiseSVN just uses the SVN libaries to do this, so you'd need to take
this request up with the Subversion developers...

Kurt Bernhard Pruenner --- Haendelstrasse 17 --- 4020 Linz --- Austria
.......It might be written "Mindfuck", but it's spelt "L-A-I-N".......

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