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Re: SVN Status in Explorer Find view

Author steveking
Full name Stefan Küng
Date 2009-01-30 23:56:31 PST
Message Eddy Quicksall wrote:
> Explorer allows one to add various headings. For example CVN Status. But
> the Find view does not have that option. Will it be possible to add that
> sometime?

Sorry, not a good option. Even if we could add the headings to the find
view (it's possible, but only up to XP - Vista doesn't allow that in the
normal explorer view either), it would not be good. You see, the whole
overlays/status columns are based on the fact that the explorer shows
all files within one single folder, which translates to one single 'svn
status' call. The find view however can show files from multiple
folders, which would require a lot more status calls and slow down the
system way too much.


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