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Re: .svn/format files gone

Author luebbe
Full name Lübbe Onken
Date 2009-04-02 00:01:41 PDT
Message Hi Fritz,
> i am using svntask from Google Code to get my revision number in ANT. When I upgraded to Tortoise 1.6, my builds stopped working because the format files in my .svn directories were gone, and svntask depended on them to identify a working copy.
> Was this an unintended consequence that svntask will have to respond to, or a bug?

This is a design bug in svntask, because it relies on a property of the
.svn admin folder. The svn developers clearly state that access to this
folder has to be handled by the svn libraries. An app should never rely
on something to be present in the .svn folder, because the format may

- Lübbe

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