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Possible DDE blocking

Author frankieandshadow
Full name David Earl
Date 2009-09-06 05:27:57 PDT
Message For some time, DDE on my Windows XP SP3 machine has been extremely slow and I have come to the conclusion that the guilty party is probably TortoiseSVN. For example clicking ona link in an email in Thunderbird can take 30 seconds before it displays in Firefox. After a reboot it is fine, but each TortoiseSVN commit (not sure about Update) seems to slow DDE operations (like clicking links or starting up MS Access to do a mail merge in Word) by about 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 20-30 seconds. I suspect Tortoise is not responding to DDE requests thereby blocking them getting through to other applications until they time out.

A complication is that though the repositories I am using are accessed over SSH, the working copies are on remote machines whose file systems are accessed using a product called WebDrive (www.webdrive.com) which exposes a remote file system, in this case via SFTP, as a drive letter on windows so it appears like a local drive. However, this is probably a red herring, as use of Webdrive on its own to access files does not seem to cause this problem. I don't have any local working copies, so I can't check that.

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Possible DDE blocking frankieandshadow David Earl 2009-09-06 05:27:57 PDT
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