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Regarding Update --depth=immediates

Author "Vishal Gangwal" <vishalgangwal at waterford dot org>
Full name "Vishal Gangwal" <vishalgangwal at waterford dot org>
Date 2009-09-08 03:47:11 PDT
Message Hi All,
Subversion supports "svn update --depth=immediates filename" to
checkout single file into a folder checked out using svn co
Is this possible using Tortoisesvn ? as Tortoisesvn Update command
doesn't show any option where we can mention --depth=immediates to
check out single file.
Please guide on this.
Thanks & Regards
Vishal Gangwal

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Regarding Update --depth=immediates "Vishal Gangwal" <vishalgangwal at waterford dot org> "Vishal Gangwal" <vishalgangwal at waterford dot org> 2009-09-08 03:47:11 PDT
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