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Retrieve files from other branch

Author ups
Full name Jose Sa
Date 2009-09-09 09:40:27 PDT
Message This might not be the place for this kind of question. Maybe SVN isn't even what I'm looking for, but please, if I'm wrong, at least point me in the right direction.

Imagine the following scenario:

this folder has the main project files and is under SVN (I use tortoiseSVN). It has the latest files of the project and as it used for web deployment I can't change this location.

Has the files that are needed to create the installer.

In the SVN I created a tree:


and associated each one to the working copy.

Now, here is my problem:
In order to create the installer, I need to copy some of the files from

Since I always need the latest version, and repository has it, I was wondering If there is as way to link
\installer\project to the files in \project\

This way, When updating my D:\installer working copy, Tortoise would grab the files in \project and copy them to D:\somethingelse\i​nstaller\project

Was I clear on my intention? Is it doable?


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Retrieve files from other branch ups Jose Sa 2009-09-09 09:40:27 PDT
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