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Tortoise Bug: Rename command

Author "Paul J dot Smith" <psmith at gurutechnologies dot net>
Full name "Paul J dot Smith" <psmith at gurutechnologies dot net>
Date 2009-09-14 12:22:50 PDT
Message Using the latest build of Tortoise (v1.6.5, Build 16974):

What I did:

I used Tortoise "rename" command to rename a directory on my local harddrive.

What I wanted to happen:

I wanted Tortiose to likewise rename the same directory on the repository the next time I committed my source code; I wanted the the directory tree contained within the "old-named" directory to be "moved" to the "new-named" directory WITHOUT losing the association between the files in the repository and on my harddrive.

What actually happened:

On my local harddrive, Tortoise
  * created a new directory with the new name,
  * copied all files, directories, and subdirectories from the old directory to this new directory,
  * deleted all files from the old directory BUT kept all directories and subdirectories, marking them as "deleted" with a red X icon.

When I tried to commit, I kept getting errors saying "tree-conflict," "use Clean-up tool," "folder cannot be locked," and "working copy is out of date; you must update before committing."

Using the clean-up tool had no effect. Updating usually restored unwanted files. Trying to manually lock or unlock did nothing as the item lists were always empty. Using Tortoise's "delete" command did nothing. Just deleting the damned files manually resulted in more "conflict" errors.

At some point Tortoise deleted files it wasn't supposed to from the NEW directory.

I finally resolved the issue by
  * copying the entire project to another backup directory,
  * deleting all the .SVN subdirectories,
  * deleting the original project directory,
  * creating a new directory and setting it up for using Tortoise,
  * Checking out the latest version from the repository, and
  * copying all the backup files over the checked out files.

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