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Re: SVN Client SDK?

Author simonlarge
Full name Simon Large
Date 2011-05-30 08:27:45 PDT
Message On 30 May 2011 11:26, Ulrich Eckhardt <ulrich.eckhardt@​dominolaser.com> wrote:
> On Monday 30 May 2011, you wrote:
>> I am using Tortoise SVN client, windows version, I want to attach the SVN
>> revision number on the File version of binaries (dll/exe) before building
>> the Visual Studio projects, now i am manually doing this. is there any way
>> to automate this using SVN SDK? please provide the link.
> If you need an API to use Subversion, I'd rather look at the various language
> bindings that Subversion provides. Note that I meant Subversion, not
> TortoiseSVN!
> That said, you could e.g. use keyword replacement to get at some repository
> information. Those also work for resource files which you can use to embed
> version information into DLLs and EXEs.
> One thing though: If you change one an unrelated file in a different project,
> the repository's version number is bumped. Typically, the advise is to not use
> the revision number for anything but in order to refer to a specific revision
> inside the repository, i.e. treat it as a Subversion-internal artifact.
> Instead, use your own versioning schema and create according tags with
> meaningful names.
> Lastly, if you really want some Subversion revision, as volatile as it is, you
> can use the "svnversion" program. However, read the warnings, because it is
> possible that that program doesn't give you a version number, e.g. if the
> working copy is modified.
> Good luck!
> Uli

You could also look at SubWCRev as a means of putting the WC's highest
commit revision into an include file. This is what we do for
TortoiseSVN itself.


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