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Verifying checked out repository

Author cowbs
Full name John Bellomy
Date 2017-09-18 12:04:27 PDT
Message Hello,

I'm using tortoisesvn version 1.9.7 (r1800392) to pull down a local copy of llvm to work on. I've frequently run into checksum errors as I try to work out a way to mirror my svn folder in perforce, and I'd like to be able to verify after each step that I haven't introduced any new errors.

Unfortunately, when I run svnadmin verify (which is also version 1.9.7 (r1800392) it complains about the format:

svnadmin: E165005: Expected repository format '3' or '5'; found format '12'

This is a very fresh checkout done with the exact same tortoisesvn install, so I'm not sure why it can't verify its own checked out files.

Is my assumption that it's possible to verify checksums on a repository that I don't explicitly own incorrect? If so is there another way I can make sure that the next time I do 'svn update' I don't get an unexpected checksum mismatch?


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Verifying checked out repository cowbs John Bellomy 2017-09-18 12:04:27 PDT
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