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RE: multiple bugtraq:urls

Author raizo
Full name raita ohyama
Date 2009-10-27 08:58:34 PDT
Message Hi, jaap.

I met a similar situation you had.
Unfortunately, TortoiseSVN 1.6.6 does not have such a convenient functionality.

But now, I found another way to solve this problem.

If you possible to put a html file in your http server, you will be able to use multiple bug-track systems, I hope.

The basic solution is that put like a gateway html between TortoiseSVN and your bug-track systems.

The gateway html works dispatching a target bug-track system by using the %BUGID% in bugtraq:url of TortoiseSVN property.
Then your TortoiseSVN request will be redirected a new URL which is constructed in the gateway html.

The gateway html expects that a %BUGID% contains actual issuer-id and new extend system-id.
So you need to add some new keyword at a issuer-id.

For example,
In case of an original issuer-id is 'id5555',
you would like to add system-id at the end of the issuer-id like 'id5555-ABC'

The gateway html will work like below.
If the system-id is 'ABC', the request will be redirected to a new URL which is related to 'ABC' keyword.

For example...
-- begin --
<script type="text/javascript">
var str = 'http://myissues/current/';
var arg = location.search; // ?id5555-ABC
arg = arg.substring(1, arg.length); // id5555-ABC
var docID = arg.substring(0,6); // id5555
var sysID = arg.substring(7); // ABC

  case 'ABC':
    str = 'http://myissues/backup_000/';
  case 'DEF':
    str = 'http://myissues/backup_001/';

// redirection
function link() {
  location.href = str + '?do=details&id=' + docID;

-- end --

You need to set your bugtraq:url property like below.
bugtraq:url http://myserver/myga​teway.html?%BUGID%

Also need to set your bugtraq:logregx property like below.
line1: id[0-9]{4}(-[A-Z]+)*
line2: (id[0-9]{4}(-[A-Z]+)*)

This works make a hyper link at the matching keyword in your commit log.
id5555 will be linked.
id5555-A will be linked.
id5555-5 will be linked only 'id5555' part.

I hope you can make it.


multiple bugtraq:urls

Author jtaal <jaap dot taal at gmail dot com>
Full name jtaal <jaap dot taal at gmail dot com>
Date 2009-01-21 02:10:56 PST
Message Could it be possible to write more than one url in the bugtraq:url
I'm working on a project that has more than one bugtracking system
(yes this isn't ideal, but we don't have a say in it).
Allowing multiple lines in the bugtraq:url should also allow multiple
lines in logregex.
Also the bugtraq:message could be more than one line, resulting in a
dropdown in the commit dialog...

I was just thinking out loud, I doubt that a lot of users would use
this feature...
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