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prepare for 1.6

Author steveking
Full name Stefan Küng
Date 2009-02-16 12:28:04 PST
Message Hi,

Subversion will branch 1.6 in a few hours, which means we have to start
finishing whatever we want/have to get into TSVN 1.6 now.
(update: while I was writing this mail, the branch was created

Revision graph:
I think the revision graph is very well implemented and won't need much
more work, apart maybe from some UI tweaks which I'm sure Simon will find :)

new APIs:
The new svn APIs also are all implemented and already in use in the
nightly builds.

Tree conflicts:
Subversion 1.6 marks tree conflicts. In pre 1.6 clients, such conflicts
were simply ignored (shown as 'skipped' in the progress dialog). Now,
such conflicts are properly marked as conflicted until the user marks
those as resolved.
But: Subversion doesn't give much information on how to resolve those
conflicts. Resolving is completely up to the user. This will improve in
1.7 together with the sqlite based working copy rewrite, but until then
there's not much we can do to help users resolving those conflicts. I've
tried to add some info to our docs, but those need a lot more details
and maybe step-by-step guides. Simon, could you please have a look at
those docs?
Here's a description on how the svn devs *want* it to work:
But of course, that's not how it works in 1.6 because there's not enough
information ready to do all this.
Mark Phippard and Steve Elsemore (working on Subclipse) are working on a
document which describes several tree conflict situations and how
Subclipse tries to help users to resolve them:
But note that TSVN doesn't have enough information ready: Subclipse
knows more about a working copy since for example it 'knows' the working
copy root (which TSVN doesn't). Also, Subclipse does a lot of guessing,
which IMHO is bad, especially if guessing results in < 50% accuracy:
that will confuse users even more. That's why TSVN does no guessing and
rather leaves the task up to the users.
Simon, if you want to test different tree conflict scenarios, you can
use the test scripts in /trunk/test/treeconflics to create them.

The new IBugtraqProvider2 interface needs to be documented. I think we
should add a new chapter to our docs for this, at least the basics
should be in the docs. We still can tell devs to look in the contrib
folder for more detailed info though.

Release notes:
The 1.6 release note page is already started, but I think we need to add
some more info there
If you have ideas about what feature/change we should mention there too,
please just add it to the page.

If I have missed something that should be done for 1.6, please speak up
so we don't forget it.


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