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Re: can i upgrade to snv 0.34?

Author SteveKing <steveking at gmx dot ch>
Full name SteveKing <steveking at gmx dot ch>
Date 2003-12-06 06:18:00 PST
Message ----- Original Message -----
From: "Sean Moss-Pultz" <sean at moss-pultz dot com>

> Sort of a general question. I love TortoiseSVN and would never want to
> not be able to use it. When can I update my SVN server? Do I need to
> wait for your new release (next week) or can I always update a head of
> time and then just install the TortoiseSVN update when it's available?

It depends on what server you use. If you use svnserve then you must
make sure that server and client are not more than one release version
apart or it won't work.

The same applies to apache based servers according to Subversion
policies. But usually with those servers the clients can be more
than one version apart and still work.
(Check the Subversion changelog file for details on which clients
work with the newest server version).


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