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Change lists' list

Author zocha
Full name Łukasz Indeka
Date 2012-03-14 01:40:19 PDT
Message I expected that the list of change list would be common to whole branch. It seems that it is defined on the "view scope".

Let's say we have following structure of folders and files:

| +- file1
| +- file2
  +- file3
  +- file4

1. Right click on trunk -> Check for modifications.
2. Right click on file1 -> Move to changelist -> <new changelist> -> A
3. Right click on file3 -> Move to changelist -> <new changelist> -> B

After that, if we go to check for modifications right clicking on:
a) foo or file1 - under "Move to changelist" we would get only A,
b) bar or file3 - under "Move to changelist" we would get only B,
c) file2 or file3 - under "Move to changelist" we would get nothing.

From my point of view this implementation of changelists is very awkward.

First of all it's hidden so deep, that I found it only because I've read the topic http://tortoisesvn.t​igris.org/ds/viewMes​sage.do?dsForumId=75​7&viewType=brows​eAll&dsMessageId​=974482#messagefocus​. I agree with zjtopspeed that it should be under context menu of changed file. I prefer to remove Settings, Help and About from the context menu, because I haven't used these options even once from that place. I always call Settings and Help from Windows Start menu.

As I wrote in the header, I expected to see all changelists defined in the branch in each case. I have quite a big working copy - 15.205 files under several folders (counted without .svn folder). In my case opening "Check for modifications" window on trunk level takes often several seconds. From the other side if I open "Check for modifications" directly form changed file or folder containing changed file, I must remember the name of changelist and write it again which is not very useful.

If you wouldn't add it to the context menu, maybe it could be added to the list under Settings/General/Context Menu/Cascaded context menu (and unchecked by default) or as separate option like this concerning "Get lock".


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Change lists' list zocha Łukasz Indeka 2012-03-14 01:40:19 PDT
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