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Re: Svnadmin 1.4, please!

Author "=?iso-8859-15?Q?Fernando_P dot _N=E1jera_Cano?=" <tortoisesvn at fernandonajera dot com>
Full name "=?iso-8859-15?Q?Fernando_P dot _N=E1jera_Cano?=" <tortoisesvn at fernandonajera dot com>
Date 2006-08-27 11:18:20 PDT
Message Hi,

After a little more testing, I have managed to produce a svnadmin.exe
file. At least it can verify my repo properly so I hope it will work as

At domingo, 27 de agosto de 2006, 19:28:39, you wrote:


FPNC> I'm desperately looking for svnadmin.exe v1.4. I've done some terrible
FPNC> things with my WCs and I need to svnadmin dump/load my commits.

FPNC> (Just in case you're curious: I had a WC linked to a remote repo, and
FPNC> I had temporarily no access to the repo, so I created a local 1.4
FPNC> repo, hacked the uuid, made some commits to "recreate" the rev-HEAD of
FPNC> the now-offline repo, and switched my WC to the local repo. Now I have
FPNC> access to the remote repo and I need to dump/load those commits to
FPNC> "sync" them).

FPNC> Although I can compile TSVN in my system (using NAnt), I have no idea
FPNC> of how to generate svnadmin.exe. I was not able to create the
FPNC> subversion .sln file and I don't know how to hack
FPNC> ext\build\subversion.build to build svnadmin.exe.

FPNC> Until SVN 1.4 RC binaries are out there, could anyone please compile a
FPNC> svnadmin.exe file for me?

FPNC> Thank you in advance!

FPNC> Best regards,

FPNC> Fernando Nájera

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Best regards,

Fernando Nájera

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Svnadmin 1.4, please! "=?iso-8859-15?Q?Fernando_P dot _N=E1jera_Cano?=" <tortoisesvn at fernandonajera dot com> "=?iso-8859-15?Q?Fernando_P dot _N=E1jera_Cano?=" <tortoisesvn at fernandonajera dot com> 2006-08-27 10:28:39 PDT
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