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Re: [T-Merge patch] syncing code for views

Author steveking
Full name Stefan Küng
Date 2011-04-07 10:16:41 PDT
Message On 07.04.2011 00:11, Oto BREZINA wrote:
> Part3:
> prepend object name to simplify comparison/extraction common code
> use HasSelection() where aplicable
> Bottom: reorder viewstate triplet to order as used in LeftView and RightView
> Left: rename temporary variable from state2 to state
> Right: move SetModified out of for cycle

Committed in r21118.

> Note: by comparing LeftView, RightView and BottomView you can get nice overview about common part and differences
> In LeftView there are two BuildAllScreen2ViewVector(); RecalcAllVertScrollBars();, while in RightView on same place there are not those calls. Also not sure if they may be outside if (e.g. m_pwndLocator->Do​cumentUpdated(); is affected).

Fixed in r21119.

> sometime if (m_pwndBottom->Is​ViewLineConflicted(v​iewLine)) is used while on other places not.

It's used whenever the bottom view is visible. Or do you see another place?


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