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Re: [T-Merge patch] syncing code for views

Author otik
Full name Oto BREZINA
Date 2011-04-10 12:22:04 PDT
Message On 2011-04-10 21:14, Stefan Küng wrote:
> On 10.04.2011 21:08, Oto BREZINA wrote:
>> On 2011-04-10 11:15, Stefan Küng wrote:
>> I tried short and long login, with my new created password, but can't
>> commit. I get authentification error. Any hint ?
> If you see the text "# Project members authenticate over HTTPS to allow
> committing changes." on the source checkout page
> (http://code.google.c​om/p/tortoisesvn/sou​rce/checkout), then you're
> logged in correctly.
> But as the page tells you, you have to check out the working copy with
> the https url, not the http url that non-members have to use.
> You can not commit to the http url, only to the https one.
I did relocate to https succesfully.

Chyba: Commit failed (details follow):
Chyba: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/!svn/act/e07d4​be3-3419-3742-8579-0​3ccff9b621c':
Chyba: authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected
Chyba: challenge (https://tortoisesvn.​googlecode.com)

> Stefan

Oto BREZINA, Printflow s.r.o., EU

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