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SubWCRev path/case issue since v 1.71

Author dewagter
Full name Christophe De Wagter
Date 2011-11-14 01:14:05 PST
Message *Situation*:
-SubWCRev.exe (v1.7.1.22161) called from makefile:

$(DIRVENDOR)/SVN/bi​n/SubWCRev.exe ./ ./svn.wcrev ./svn.Makefile

-include svn.Makefile

-Crosscompiler: AvrGcc + make.exe: WinAVR-20100110 (make based
on msys-1.0.dll version 1000.8.0.0)
-Windows XP Pro SP3

*Before installing 1.71:*
worked perfectly: would create svn.Makefile whatever the path

a) upgrading to 1.71
b) upgrading the repository to the new structure
c) updating subwcrev in $(DIRVENDOR) to the freshly installed v1.7.1.22161

*Still Works Fine:*
$(DIRVENDOR)/SVN/bi​n/SubWCRev.exe 'C:\Documents and
Settings\user\sourcecode' ./svn.wcrev ./svn.Makefile

*SubWCRev: 'C:\Documents and Settings\user\sourcecode'*
*Last committed at revision 1680*
*Updated to revision 1686*

*Problem: does not work anymore when called from make.exe!*
$(DIRVENDOR)/SVN/bi​n/SubWCRev.exe *./ *./build.wcrev ./build.h
*SubWCRev : E155007: 'C:\documents and settings\user\sourcecode' is not a
working copy*

*Problem description:*

GetFullPathName with parameter ("./") is transformed to a string with the
wrong case.
an error.

There seem to be 2 path styles. in this case they are not compatible.

Please note that $(DIRVENDOR)/SVN/bi​n/SubWCRev.exe *./ *./build.wcrev
./build.h *does *work fine when called from Windows-XP console:

*Other people with same problem:*


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SubWCRev path/case issue since v 1.71 dewagter Christophe De Wagter 2011-11-14 01:14:05 PST
     Re: SubWCRev path/case issue since v 1.71 steveking Stefan K√ľng 2011-11-14 10:50:53 PST
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