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Re: Edit file in RepoBrowser doesn't work

Author steveking
Full name Stefan Küng
Date 2016-07-23 08:12:15 PDT
Message On 20.07.2016 15:16, Frank Mueller wrote:
> The normal way to edit a file in ReproBrowser is to right-klick a file and choose edit in context menu.
> The lock dialog pops up. Hit ok and the application connected with the selected file type will start
> and shows the selected file.
> When I now try to open another file the same way described above, nothing happend!!
> I would expect that a lock dialog pops up and after that the file would be opened in the default application - equal to the first edit.
> Another aceptable situation would be an error dialog, informing that only one edit at a time is possible/allowed.
> When I now close the application which was opend with the first edit command, I get a commit dialog for that file. Ok.
> After that now a lock dialog appears for the second edit action!!
> That is very confusing, especially because lock dialog and commit dialog lock very similar.
> Because the repobrowser shows no reaction on further edit actions while the first edit file is still opened, the user will hit the
> edit action multiple times. This results in multipe lock dialogs after having closed the first file.
> It would be fantastic if the Repobrowser could handle multiple files edit at the same time. If not, a error dialog shout appear
> trying to edit a second file.

Showing an error dialog now if the user tries to edit another file
without finishing the edit of the first file first.
Committed the change in r27371.


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