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SVN Client Version

Author urbob
Full name Dave Bolt
Date 2016-09-11 10:58:21 PDT
Message I have been trying to follow instructions for using the SVN command line on Windows 10. I have (re)installed TortoiseSVN-​285-x64-svn-1.9.4.ms​i since I understand that this will install the most recent SVN command line client.
When I issue SVN instructions from the command line I keep getting the following error.

svn: E155021: This client is too old to work with the working copy at 'c:\project\myproject' (format 31).
You need to get a newer Suvbversion client. For more details, see http://subversion.ap​ache.org/faq.html'wo​rking-copy-format-ch​ange

The referenced article seems to be saying that I need the latest version of TortoiseSVN, which I have.

When I issue
svn help
the version of svn command-line client is apparently 1.7.5

Am I missing something here? I thought it should be 1.9.x in line with the TortoiseSVN version.

Incidentally, when I uninstall TortoiseSVN it doesn't seem to uninstall SVN.

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