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Re: SVN Client Version

Author lorenznl
Full name lorenz
Date 2016-09-12 23:05:41 PDT
Message Dave Bolt wrote:
> Lorenz wrote:
>> Dave Bolt wrote:
>> >I have been trying to follow instructions for using the SVN command
>> >line on Windows 10. I have (re)installed
>> >TortoiseSVN-1.9.​4.27285-x64-svn-1.9.​4.msi since I understand that this
>> >will install the most recent SVN command line client.
>> >When I issue SVN instructions from the command line I keep getting the following error.
>> >
>> >svn: E155021: This client is too old to work with the working copy at 'c:\project\myproject' (format 31).
>> >You need to get a newer Suvbversion client. For more details, see http://subversion.ap​ache.org/faq.html'wo​rking-copy-format-ch​ange
>> you seem to have installed multiple versions of the subversion command
>> line client.
>> Check your PATH environment variable and you "program" and/or "program
>> (x86)" folders
>Thanks for that.
>Seems that Embarcadero Rad Studio 3 installed a subversion client.
>Downloaded the Collabnet SVN client from http://www.collab.net/downloads and all seems to be working now.

So you installed an additional client only to not have to manipulate
the PATH environment variable?

Now you will to have to keep the TSVN and Collabnet installations in
sync instead of just updating TSVN.

Most likely the only reason the Collabnet client is called now when
you use svn from the command line is that the Collabnet installer
prepends its path to the PATH variable - so its in front of the one
from Rad Studio - whereas the TSVN installer appends its path to the


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