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SubWCRev flags faulty

Author tobiasknauss
Full name Tobias Knauss
Date 2017-02-21 12:34:12 PST
Message Hi, I am doing C++ and C# development in Visual Studio. Each project has
some files, that should not be added to the SVN repository, therefore
their file extensions are set to be ignored. When running SubWCRev on my
project folder, I found that
- [bug!] the "unversioned" flag is set if there are automatically
ignored items (by global TSVN ignore list), but not if there are
manually ignored items
- [possible bug] the "in SVN" flag is not set if there are automatically
or manually ignored items

I expect that SubWCRev sets the "in SVN" flag and removes the
"unversioned" flag, because ignoring items (files and folders, no matter
if automatically or manually) means that they should be ignored by both
TSVN and SubWCRev, and not be treated differently. Please fix that bug.

About "in SVN": In my opinion this flag means that all items are under
version control, except those ignored, which usually are ignored for a
reason. If you don't want to change that flag, please add a new one "in
SVN or ignored".

Regards Tobias

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SubWCRev flags faulty tobiasknauss Tobias Knauss 2017-02-21 12:34:12 PST
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