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[feature-request] Predefined repository config file

Author pedjas
Full name Pedja Supurovic
Date 2017-04-12 07:47:15 PDT
Message I would suggest adding repository configuration file.

File should be created in root of repository folder on client and contain some basic info about repository:

- exact url to repository server

- some custom client configuration related to that repository

From time to time I am in situation that I have to set up fresh connection to some repository but I cannot remember exact repository url. If here is a config file that I can easily reach and copy, and simply double click it to activate TortoiseSVN which would read content and automatically set repository for me would be great.

Other that url to repository it might contain some client configuration like list of ignore file rules which are specific for that repository.

This would be helpful when one has to set client on fresh computer, or when new team member is involved. Simple click at config file would readily set TortoiseSVN client for specific repository, leaving user to just log in, update and start working on code.

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[feature-request] Predefined repository config file pedjas Pedja Supurovic 2017-04-12 07:47:15 PDT
     Re: [feature-request] Predefined repository config file steveking Stefan K√ľng 2017-04-15 00:47:52 PDT
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