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Current stability and changes in TSVN trunk

Author julianfoad
Full name Julian Foad
Date 2017-09-07 07:10:36 PDT
Message What are the current changes, risks, and level of stability, if a TSVN
1.9 user switches to a TSVN trunk build in order to evaluate any new
features and improvements?

I am specifically thinking ahead to when the shelving prototype is
implemented, which I plan to do it within a few weeks, and asking users
to test that. The point is I need to get an idea of how much or how
little TSVN trunk has changed from TSVN 1.9 in terms of features and
stability, to decide whether it would be better to offer people a
1.9-plus-shelving or a trunk-plus-shelving for evaluation.

(For comparison, for users of the command-line Subversion client, trying
a trunk build is low risk, I would say, because there are no format
changes or incompatibilities or instability; the only substantial change
I know of is in conflict resolution.)

- Julian

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Current stability and changes in TSVN trunk julianfoad Julian Foad 2017-09-07 07:10:36 PDT
     Re: Current stability and changes in TSVN trunk steveking Stefan K√ľng 2017-09-07 10:32:15 PDT
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