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Don't Install Universal CRT on Windows 10

Author sldr
Full name Stephen L. De Rudder
Date 2017-09-07 16:30:36 PDT
Message Since Windows 10 comes with the Universal CRT with the OS please consider modifying your installer not to include the UCRT dlls when installing on Windows 10.

With the bin directory being put in the path non-TortoiseSVN programs are finding the dlls in your directory.

One of the programs is Dependency Walker.

I can delete ucrtbase.dll and api-ms-win*.dll in the bin directory and TortoiseSVN continues to work fine btw. Yes, this is a workaround but it would be nice for Windows 10 users not to have to do this and get updates to UCRT by Microsoft without you having to lift a finger.

Please consider making this change to the installer.

(Stephen L. De Rudder)

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Don't Install Universal CRT on Windows 10 sldr Stephen L. De Rudder 2017-09-07 16:30:36 PDT
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