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Re: TortoiseSVN Not Working

Author steveking
Full name Stefan Küng
Date 2009-01-16 08:41:47 PST
Message cpriest wrote:
> I recently upgraded to 64 bit Vista and installed the 64 bit version
> but it was't working properly with PhpED. They recommended I go back
> to 32 bit ( which I did.
> Everything was fine until this morning, now no icons are showing up
> and I can't get any shell menu to show.
> Is there a way to completely reset everything or otherwise diagnose
> why its not working?
> There was a Cleanup.exe on tigris's site somewhere that I tried after
> uninstalling and rebooting, after re-installing I have the same issue.

You have to install both the 32-bit and the x64 version of TSVN. The
explorer can only load the x64 dll, and PhpED is a 32-bit application
and therefore can only load the 32-bit dll.


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