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Re: Intermittent crash with SVN Commit.

Author Natalie <ncamarata at servicebench dot com>
Full name Natalie <ncamarata at servicebench dot com>
Date 2009-01-19 11:29:00 PST
Message I have observed this same behavior using TortoiseSVN 1.5.6
Build14908. We have our local repository on a mapped network drive.
The commit will fail with the message "Runtime Error! The application
has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please
contact the application's support team form more information". The
commit fails if there are files with multiple extensions being
committed against a network drive that is the root of the repository.
If all of the files have the same extension, the commit works
successfully. As a work around, we have found if you map another
network drive that is the parent (or higher) of the drive that
contains the repository, you can commit successfully. This problem
appears to be when the root drive of the repository is a mapped
network drive.

Repository is checked out to mapped drive K: (\\devbox\home\myrepo).
commit fails against K:.
Map S: drive that is a parent of K: (\\devbox\home). Under S: you can
commit to the myrepo directory (which is equivalent to K:)

On Nov 26 2008, 5:53 am, Godfrey Small <godfrey.sm...@am​s-neve.com>
> This has happened twice to me, but once it has happened, it will
> continue to happen until the workaround has been done.  Please bear with
> me while I describe it as best I can.
> All our source code is by (historical) convention, built from Drive L.
> For convenience, this is a folder that is mapped using subst. I suspect
> the size of this may be a factor, as properties reports the size as 2.11
> GB containing 25,600 files and 6,019 folders.  This includes .svn
> folders etc.
> I usually use SVNCommitby right clicking on the root of the mapped
> Drive L, as this will allow all changes to be grouped together under a
> single revision number and comment.  It is this that crashed.  I am
> supplied with the list of changed files, a group of which I check, I add
> the comment "Punchin recording improvements, though still no muting on
> the punched into track which will come in later." and clicked OK.  The
> windowscrashscreen then appears with a comment that Totroisesvn
> received an abnormal termination request. (I cannot remember the exact
> wording, but that is the gist if it.)
> This happened twice.  I then rebooted the PC and tried again, twice,
> with the same result.
> I then selected the first of three folders at the top level within drive
> L that contained all the changed files, and was able to do thecommit
> normally, although the one set of changes was spread over 3 revision
> numbers.
> This happened to me once back in July, when I reported another bug,
> which was fixed overnight, along with others, and as I had used the
> subfolder method to do thecommitand then installed the fixed version I
> assumed it had been solved by the new build.
> I do not envy anybody trying to fix this, but will be happy to cooperate
> to the best of my ability with anybody who takes it on.
> Godfrey Small.
> Username  Thingfish47
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