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multiple bugtraq:urls

Author jtaal <jaap dot taal at gmail dot com>
Full name jtaal <jaap dot taal at gmail dot com>
Date 2009-01-21 02:10:56 PST
Message Could it be possible to write more than one url in the bugtraq:url
I'm working on a project that has more than one bugtracking system
(yes this isn't ideal, but we don't have a say in it).
Allowing multiple lines in the bugtraq:url should also allow multiple
lines in logregex.
Also the bugtraq:message could be more than one line, resulting in a
dropdown in the commit dialog...

I was just thinking out loud, I doubt that a lot of users would use
this feature...

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multiple bugtraq:urls jtaal <jaap dot taal at gmail dot com> jtaal <jaap dot taal at gmail dot com> 2009-01-21 02:10:56 PST
     RE: multiple bugtraq:urls raizo raita ohyama 2009-10-27 08:58:34 PDT
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