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Re: Why Merge-Tracking is disabled?

Author levyam
Full name Andy Levy
Date 2009-03-09 13:05:43 PDT
Message On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 14:41, Harald Hoyer <hahoyer at t-online dot de> wrote:
> Merged two branches, but merge tracking did not work. Couldn't find any
> reason.
> After desperate efforts I more or less accidentially used the "Only record
> the merge"-option. Now I could see an error message: "Merge from foreign
> repository is not compatible with mergeinfo modification". And the reason of
> the trouble was: on checkout I used a different case to specify the
> svn-server-name (example: "svn://MyServer/repo1/trunc" and
> "svn://Myserver/repo​1/branch/v11").
> First wish: It should be easier to find out, why merge tracking did not
> work.

Merging between repositories doesn't work (or isn't supposed to). I
believe this is already documented. Subversion thought you were going
between repositories.

> Second wish: At least the server name part should not be considered as case
> sensitive.

Subversion is case-sensitive everywhere. You'd have to take this issue
up on the Subversion mailing list.

> Third wish: To avoid a messy and disturbing situation, it should be possibe
> to protect against merges without merge tracking.

Messy in what way? I suspect this would go back to the SVN libraries as well.

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