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svn:mergeinfo question

Author void_pointer
Full name Robert Dailey
Date 2011-04-07 09:05:51 PDT
Message Right now if there is a repository that is subject to constant branch
integration, updates/commits involve a ton of "property only" changes that
only consist of a svn:mergeinfo property change. When you have thousands of
files that are svn:mergeinfo only, it really convolutes the changelog and
makes it hard to find the files that actually have relevant changes.

Are there any remedies for this? If not, are there any plans to address

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svn:mergeinfo question void_pointer Robert Dailey 2011-04-07 09:05:51 PDT
     Re: svn:mergeinfo question steveking Stefan Küng 2011-04-07 10:09:44 PDT
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