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Re: [Feature request] Commit dialog crazy idea(s) to make life easier

Author otik
Full name Oto BREZINA
Date 2011-04-22 13:32:50 PDT
Message On 2011-04-22 21:42, Stefan Küng wrote:
> On 22.04.2011 10:22, Oto BREZINA wrote:
>> Dear Stefan,
>> here are some ideas how make life with TSVN easier for me.
>> 1. add "commit and return".
>> We have change sets, there may be more files where do different commits
>> is better. in all this cases this would help.
>> http://tortoisesvn.t​igris.org/ds/viewMes​sage.do?dsForumId=40​61&dsMessageId=2​713604
>> Idea: can be separate button prefered or check box.
>> Idea: In smart way return only if not comited changed exists
> The commit dialog is already very crowded. Would something like this
> really be worth another checkbox or button?
Hard to say. It covers 3-8% of our commits; can be covered by "Final idea".
In fact that button may be in commit status dialog "return to commit

>> 1a. return to commit on all errors by default
>> Often my weak WL connection get lost without my notice. I lost not only
>> message which is too click far, but also file list. Many times folder I
>> use to start commit is closed, so I have to find it once again.
> That should already work:
> Settings dialog->General->dialogs 2->Reopen commit and branch/tag dialog
> after a commit failed.
found that just today ... as I wrote in "update".
>> 2. add "create patch"
>> I remmeber times when Diff on directories was possible (?). Now this is
>> implemented as Check for modification.
> right-click on folder, choose "create patch", select all entries, click
> ok. then click on "copy to clipboard" and the diff viewer will open.
I meant "create patch" in commit dialog. Like "Create patch" "Commit"
"Cancel", but "final idea" may be better
>> I Use commit dialog as Diff(shows all changed files). I use this also
>> when creating patch is intended as it is one click closer (adding create
>> patch to one level up would make context menu biger).
>> Idea: Patch file may contain log message. I affraid this is not
>> supported by diff format easily. On receiver side applying patch would
>> lead to open commit dialog with message filled.
> But when you create a patch, there's no place to enter a log message.
> We'd have to add something like that to the "create patch" dialog.
> And where would we store that log message after the patch got applied to
> a working copy?
I know, all this are just simple ideas.

I thought about something like this:
1. "Create patch" is called from commit dialog where you can fill log
message, just instead of cimmit to server you commit to file. This may
be some kind o preparing for issue#66
2. we need to hack .patch to contain patch
3. after apply this patch in TSVN commit dialog opens so, comiter have
all prefilled can review patch and push "OK"
>> 3. Show status if local WC revision matches servers one.
>> Some small icon/message can inform if:
>> - Server is unreachable, thus commit would probably fail
>> - Server connected but login not stored
>> - on click enter creditials
>> - Server have newer revision than newest in tree selected for commit
>> - on click update WC or Check for modification
>> - WC is rev mixed
>> - on click update WC or Check for modification
> You mean overlay icons? There are no more spots left, so no more icons
> there.
No a mean separate icon. Something like "changes in external from other
repositories" is now.
>> Final Idea: Adding check boxes to Check for modification would solve
>> those. In our usual commit process Author of change call paired
>> programmer to revise changes. They go thru file list and may decide not
>> to commit some file. Then continue to check next ... Using CTRL to
>> select multiple items works, but is not preserved when double click is
>> used to open file.
> Really? The checks are preserved for me when I double click on items.
All paragraph till now was about "commit dialog". This one created after
I read some related mailing threads I'm talking about "Check for
modification" dialog as alternative (better) solution for all above.
In "Check for modification" dialog are no checkboxes and selection is
not preserved.

Almost all operations are implemented in "Check for modification"
dialog. What I miss there:
1. Checkbox "select for action" - like is in commit dialog.
2. filters for selection like in commit dialog
3. button(s) for actions "commit", "create patch", "undo"... (right
click would operate on selected files, while buttons on checked). This
can be one combo button (with icons of course :_ ); even "update"
4. log message edit

I fill this would be kind of advanced user mode, but is like SVN WC in
one window - ok, half of it.

As subject states it is kind of crazy, but would make SVN operate easier
(for me)
I don't know how worthy this is, but I shared my ideas.

> Stefan

Oto BREZINA, Printflow s.r.o., EU

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