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Re: Problem merging file sent by collaborator

Author simonlarge
Full name Simon Large
Date 2011-05-18 03:07:32 PDT
Message On 18 May 2011 10:31, JamieVicary <jamievicary at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm in a pickle, hopefully someone can help. I'm working on a project with a
> friend, who's been having problems with his SVN client (not Tortoise.) In
> exasperation, he's just emailed me the updated version of the document. In
> the meantime, I've also made changes to the document (I'm using Tortoise.)
> So, I need to merge his changes into my version, which is nontrivial since
> we've edited the same document in different ways in different places.
> I just can't see how to accomplish this, although it should be trivial for
> TortoiseMerge. If I copy his version into my working directory, temporarily
> overwriting my version of the file (I've kept a safe copy) and select "Diff
> from previous version" from the TortoiseSVN menu, I get TortoiseMerge coming
> up with my version on the left and his version on the right. But it's not
> making any effort to combine our edits, and there's no third 'merge' window
> at the bottom, showing the result of combining our edits.

For simplicity I will assume that you are both working from the
current HEAD revision of the file.

Save your own copy of the file somewhere safe.
Overwrite it with his changed file.
TSVN->Create patch for that file.
Overwrite the file with your copy again.
Apply the patch you just created.


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